We don't just consider you a client, we consider you a partner. And while we can't list everyone's name or company due to confidentiality, here is a list of what some of our clients are saying.

Testimonials about Fast Track Investigations

"Their thoroughness surpasses expectations" Dean Neumann

Fast Track Investigations is one of my go to team for complex out of the box personal injury defence cases. Their thoroughness surpasses expectations.

~ Dean Neumann,

Professional Law Corp., Vancouver BC

"My first choice" Cristen L. Gleeson

I have cracked many cases using the work of Fast Track Investigations for both surveillance and collateral investigations. They are my first choice for challenging family law and personal injury cases and they provide fast effective results.”

~ Cristen L. Gleeson,

Lawyer & Partner,
Baker Newby LLP, Fraser Valley, BC

Bakery Newby LLP Logo

"Service of exceptional quality" Ryan W. Morasiewicz

I have used Fast Track investigations for a number of years. Without a doubt, they are my go-to investigators for complex out of the box personal injury defence cases. They have provided service of exceptional quality, and their knowledge and ability to think on their feet is beyond expectations.

~ Ryan W. Morasiewicz,

Miller Thomson LLP Vancouver B.C.